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Construction Accidents

For decades, I have handled cases for millwrights, pipefitters, plumbers, painters, glassworkers, operating engineers, laborers and other trades.

Trip and fall/slip and fall: The law is changing concerning personal injury cases or compensation beyond worker’s comp. For years, a construction worker could not sue for trip and fall or slip and fall (except in a common work area), but changes in the Michigan Supreme Court create hope that it will again be possible for an injured worker (or injured consumer) to sue for a trip and fall or slip and fall, even if the accident did not occur in a common work area.

A common work area is a place where more than one trade is working or is expected to work, such as a walkway. If the general contractor neglected its housekeeping duties and let material build up in a walkway, and you tripped on, you may have a claim for negligence against the general contractor.

You can never sue in negligence if the negligence that caused your accident was that of a co-worker, or your employer. In that case, you are limited to worker’s compensation (or also no fault insurance if the accident involved a moving vehicle). You can only sue for negligence (on top of worker’s comp) if the person who caused the accident worked for another contractor.

Client Reviews

"Marshall Lasser is aggressive, always attacking, knows the law and never gives up. He won my Worker’s comp case and my negligence case against the general contractor." — Former IBEW Local 58 worker permanently disabled in a fall on a construction site.

Lou Ghaffari

"Lasser fights hard and he's smart. He won the work comp case and sued the homeowner whose busted driveway caused my injury. Mr. Lasser got a jury verdict for me in that case, when other lawyers told me the jury would give me nothing." — Former Teamster Local 299 DHL driver who suffered a...

Barbara Wood

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