No-Fault Claims

Michigan No Fault Insurance Benefits for On-The-Job Injuries Involving a Vehicle

If you’re injured in a vehicle accident while on the job, you qualify for BOTH workers compensation and no fault benefits. However, the vehicle must be moving (a collision, or a fall off the steps of a bus or truck while it’s moving, or getting hit by a moving or rolling vehicle). You may also have a negligence claim against the person who caused the accident.

I have represented Teamsters and non-union truck drivers and helpers for over 30 years.

Michigan no Fault Insurance Benefits When You are Injured Loading or Unloading a Vehicle

If you are loading or unloading something from a vehicle, even while standing on the ground, you may be entitled to Michigan no fault insurance benefits, as long as the injury occurred while you were in contact with the vehicle. For example, if you hurt your back while lifting a suitcase into the trunk of a car, you can get no fault benefits. However, this benefit is not available to a person who is hurt on-the-job; then, workers compensation is the only insurance benefit available.

Michigan No Fault Insurance Benefits When You are Injured Getting in or out of a Vehicle

If you slip and fall getting in or out of a vehicle, you may be entitled to no fault benefits. For example, if you step out and your foot slips on ice or oil, making you fall and hurt your back, you get no fault benefits (if you have insurance)

However, if you are injured-on-the job, you cannot get no fault benefits; you are limited to workers compensation; also, if you have both feet planted on the ground and slip while walking away, you cannot get no fault benefits.

Michigan no Fault Benefits When You are Hurt Working on a Vehicle

If, for example, you’re working on a vehicle’s engine and the hood slams and cuts off your finger, you get no fault benefits (if you have no fault insurance). You must be hurt as a “direct result of physical contact with equipment permanently mounted on the vehicle while the equipment was being operated or used.”

What are no Fault Benefits?

They include wage loss (85% of your lost wages, up to a monthly limit); “replacement services” (paying people to do work you would have done but for the injury, such as cutting grass, cooking, shopping, doing laundry); “attendant care” (paying people to help you bathe, dress, take medications, watch over you if you’re brain damaged), and medical bills to the extent your health insurance doesn’t cover them.

Client Reviews

"Marshall Lasser is aggressive, always attacking, knows the law and never gives up. He won my Worker’s comp case and my negligence case against the general contractor." — Former IBEW Local 58 worker permanently disabled in a fall on a construction site.

Lou Ghaffari

"Lasser fights hard and he's smart. He won the work comp case and sued the homeowner whose busted driveway caused my injury. Mr. Lasser got a jury verdict for me in that case, when other lawyers told me the jury would give me nothing." — Former Teamster Local 299 DHL driver who suffered a...

Barbara Wood

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